Bespoke Wealth Management

We are partners in the legacy planning of our clients—and no two clients are the same. As we gain an understanding of a family’s intricacies, financial knowledge, objectives and previous planning, we are able to begin organizing our resources to provide tailored, insightful and actionable advice.

Services: Partners in Achievement

We believe that our fiduciary responsibility does not stop at asset management, but extends to any service or solution we provide—whether provided directly by Naviter or someone in our network. We have carefully identified best-in-class service providers that also operate with objectivity—always placing our clients’ interests first. Utilizing these core and network services, we are uniquely positioned to provide high quality, holistic advice that integrates well with any advisors or planning that may already be in place.

While many firms want to position themselves as the “quarterback”—and we are happy to do that—we are prepared to work with your family’s current advisors in any capacity that serves you best.

Let’s discuss how Naviter can help guide your financial journey.

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